Orion post-earthquake communications collateral

ORION POST-EARTHQUAKE COMMUNICATIONS COLLATERAL Orion New Zealand Limited is one of the largest electricity distribution networks in New Zealand, which owns and operates the electricity network in central Canterbury. Following the earthquakes of September 2010 and then February 2011 in Canterbury a lot of pressure was on Orion, as operating a crucial part of the local infrastructure, to make sure power could be established to all customers as soon as possible. As well as organising the physical requirements of this task its communication team embarked on a media plan to provide as much information, as often as possible, on the status of the ongoing work, and also to advise on other important issues such as keeping warm and staying safe. La Fabrica designed and artworked a range of newspaper advertisements to impart this information – this involved establishing a style for the ads which utilised the company's corporate colours, strong typography and creation of a new graphic that illustrates the restoration of the network and its positive implications for the environment and customers' lifestyles, and various "infographics"; a special 'earthquake version' of the company logo (including 0800 number and 'Restoring' added to the 'your network' byline) was created and added to later ads. As a follow-up to the ads, various mail-drops, designed to the style of the ads, were also been produced and distributed during the campaign period to the affected areas of Christchurch.

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